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Hockessin Colored School #107 has a monumental history.

The school was the center of the 1952 Delaware court case known as Bulah v. Gebhart, which would be combined with four other cases to become the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case. The case helped end segregation in education, and paved the way for eliminating separate-but-equal doctrine across America.


HCS #107 is built as a one-room schoolhouse to serve black children who were not allowed to attend school with white children.
Original schoolhouse


Shirley Bulah
Parents Fred and Sarah Bulah write Delaware Governor Carvel asking the state to provide their daughter Shirley with transportation to school. They are rejected.


Mrs. Bulah seeks the advice of the lawyer, Louis Redding. Redding files the Delaware court case, Bulah v. Gebhart on behalf of Shirley Bulah.
Louis Redding



Delaware Chancellor Collins J. Seitz issues the declaration that the disparity between white and African-American students is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.


“Colored” students are admitted into Hockessin School #29, located 1 mile away from HCS #107.
Brown v. Board legal team
Brown v. Board legal team: Names
Chancellor Collins J. Seitz
Chancellor Collins J. Seitz | Shirley Bulah riding the bus


Bulah v. Gebhart was the only case in which the lower court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, effectively causing Delaware to set the precedent for the Supreme Court's final ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.


US Supreme Court overturns Plessy v. Ferguson, declaring school segregation unconstitutional.
Supreme Court Brown


Hockessin Colored School #107 officially closes.
Former students
Former students gather for an agreement signing event
Sonny Knott attended HCS #107 in the late 1930s


The Friends of Hockessin Colored School #107, Inc. (“FOHCS”) save the property from a sheriff’s sale.


HCS Today
The children’s book “Ride, Shirley, Ride” by Dr. L Richelle is published, sharing Shirley’s story with the world.


Hockessin Colored School #107 enters into partnership with New Castle County (NCC) to become the 250th park in the NCC system.
Ride Shirley Ride

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